Back on the Writing Train

I am finally back on track with my book. Updates on my progress and status.

Well, finally, after a long period sitting on a half-written manuscript, I am finally back on track with writing my book. I started writing it over two years ago. Originally, it was a short story that I submitted for a class assignment. Then I decided to expand it and turn it into a novella. Early last year, when I started my job, I put it on the back burner and have struggled getting back the creativity to return. I have finally reached that place and am chugging along.

When I wrote the short story that became my current project, I had little time to write it. We were given the assignment and I drew the lot of only having two weeks to complete it. The assignment was to write a Utopian (or Dystopian) Horror and thus, I knocked out “The Monsters Within” in the allotted time (extended by a snow delay by a couple days). I plan on expanding further on this in a Forward to the novella. In the end, I was surprised by what I was able to come up with and was even complemented during the peer-review on my world-building and story given such a short timeframe.

Months later, when I published my story “The Hedge Maze”, another story that I wrote for a class assignment (a different class, though), I knew that I needed something more if I wanted to get my writing career going. I was satisfied with The Hedge Maze, but being a short story, it is hard to market it by itself. I needed something that I could publish in print. I didn’t have enough short stories for an anthology, and I was intrigued by my short story “The Hedge Maze” and wanted to expand it. So, I set out doing just that.

For a while, I was on a role. I used an old program I had, called “Dramatica Pro,” to help fill in the story. I wrote an outline that went beyond what I had already written to try and further world build and make room for greater character arcs. I then began writing the novel. Then life got in the way. I started a job which left me little time for me to work on my writing. I had to shelve it for the time being. I picked up again, briefly, after the holidays of 2019 while I was transitioning to a different job. But that job, too, made things difficult.

That job was working as a Patient Transport at a local hospital. Little did I realize what was coming shortly after I started. Working at a hospital during the pandemic was stressful. My creativity took a hit. It didn’t help that my fiancée caught the thing. That was a scary time. At that time, we still knew nothing about the virus and what it would mean. Fortunately, she recovered, and we trudged through the pandemic. But I was off track.

Part of the reason for starting this blog was to help me with getting my “writing edge” back. I hazard to say that it has been working. It has ignited my creativity as I think of topics to write. And other projects have come along which has added to the fire. That said, last week I began the work of rewriting my novella. I took what I already wrote and started rewriting it, reworking bits here and there as I go along. I am nearly caught up to the point I left off at when I originally wrote it. Incidentally, much of the second half is already written as well, being a big chunk of the original short story. So, while I am still working on my first draft, I already have revisions in progress.

That said, my goal is to have it completed and ready for Beta Reading by the time my second daughter is born. She is due in the middle of October. I will begin at that time (if not earlier) to recruit beta readers. If all goes well, I should be ready to find an editor by the winter. During that later winter, I will set up my publishing house and work on the cover art (I have somebody in mind, already). That should mean I’m ready to hit the presses by spring. It seems a long way away, but I am optimistic that I can hold to the schedule. And having a new baby should help the later months go by in a breeze.

So, what does that mean for this blog? Well, I suspect that I may be a bit silent for the next couple of months, at least. I may pop in from time to time (like when the trailer for the Wheel of Time TV show… or other shows I am looking forward to… drops). But, barring any derailments, I intend to focus most of my writing on my novella. After I finish the main draft, I may begin work on my next writing project, hopefully a full-fledged fantasy novel. I have several in mind, but we will have to see how things go to see which direction I go.

Other projects on my list have been moved to the back burner for the time being. Unfortunately, my regular work schedule has not been compatible with the Amazing Tales with my daughter. I would like to get more into that again, but only time will tell when that will be feasible. The game that I was working on for my daughter in RPG Maker is also on hold. While I made a lot of progress, it has been an overwhelming experience. I am weighing out my options with it. Should I try to enlist help? If I do, I certainly want to make it a marketable product. I like the story I outlined for it and would like to see it through. Any interests in helping (artists, musicians, programmers, designers… amateur or professional alike) feel free to reach out. I would like to resume it soon. It may be my next project after my book is complete. Who knows, maybe a collaboration on the game could lead to another game collaboration of grander proportions.

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Whatever the case, I am excited for the possibilities. It is time for this phoenix to rise from the ashes.

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