The Wheel of Time Trailer

The 1st trailer Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time has been released and I am over the moon! Having watched it numerous times, here is my take on what was shown…

I was supposed to write a blog entry a couple days ago. That entry was to be about the fact that I finished writing the first draft of my novella. The last couple of days, however, my brain has been in a bit of a “reboot.” Now that it is getting back to a “ready status,” I must hold off on that entry as something big has dropped that I need to talk about. Yes, Amazon Prime has dropped (what they call) the teaser trailer for their The Wheel of Time adaptation.

For anybody who has been following my blog, I have been anxiously awaiting this first glimpse of the show. Having started my journey in this series back in 2007, it has been a long wait. For many who have been following from the beginning, it has been about 30 years since the first book was published. After watching many other fantasy adaptations come to life (for good or for ill), this trailer is the stamp of reality that it is happening. As an expecting father, I can relate it to the third trimester sonogram when the feeling actually hits that this is happening, and it is happening soon!

Diving into the trailer…. It opens with the characters of Egwene (Madeleine Madden and Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) standing on a cliff before Egwene is shoved off into the water below. From there, we hear Rosamund Pike (who plays the Aes Sedai, Moiraine) begins reciting the first line from the opening paragraph of the book as the trailer goes on showing shots of various characters, scenes, effects, and other surprises. From glimpses of the trio of Rand (Josha Stradowski – First name pronounced ‘yo-sha’), Perrin (Marcus Rutherford), and Mat (Barney Harris) to the epic Lan (Daniel Henney) kicking shadowspawn butt, every cut, every scene had me glued. I’m not going to recap the whole trailer, that would take a while. I was certainly pulled into the trailer as it carried on, trying to take in every scene and every word.

I watched it many times already. I have reveled with other fans on social media including Facebook groups and #TwitterOfTime. Needless to say (but I will anyway), I am excited! My reactions were of awe and wonderment as my eyes searched out every detail. By and large, I think it is safe to say that (initial reactions at least) the majority of the fanbase is as over the moon as I am. There have been a few that have been nitpicking some details like some of the CGI effects and the rich color palette used (I, for one, love the color palette). But overall, I am satisfied, and November 19th can’t get here soon enough.

Shortly after the trailer posted, Showrunner Rafe Judkins and Rosamund Pike took to social media to answer questions. It was wonderful to see Rosamund join in the Q&A festivities. When asked what part in the trailer are they most excited for us to see in full, Rafe answered “Winternight” and Rosamund answered Shadar Logoth. In another question, Rosamund answered what drew her to the role of Moiraine. Her answer was that it was how the women “harness the elements of the universe to unleash incredible power. For more of the Q&A you can check out this thread on twitter here: Rafe/Rosamund Q&A

While the pair answered many questions regarding the show, there were a few questions that I know that did not answer. Of course, they weren’t going to answer any questions that gave anything away. The question that I submitted appears to have been glossed over (even though I know I wasn’t the only one to ask it). That question is regarding the unique “profanity” used in the books. For those that don’t know, these are expletives that are commonly used throughout the series by characters much like our own swear words. Things like “blood and ashes,” “flaming,” fish guts,” and “mother’s milk in a cup!” They add a certain character to the series, and I worry that the show will be lacking these terms.

What else has me worried is regarding the plot. It was clear from the trailer that many scenes have been changed from the source material. It has long been expected that there would be changes from the books. There are certainly scenes in the trailer (like the opening scene with Egwene and Nynaeve) that were added to the show. Perhaps the most concerning aspect is how this will affect the story going forward? Many elements from later seasons could be greatly affected by the events changed for the first season. Because of that, epic moments from the books could very well be cut, and that is a great concern. However, I am refraining from judging too much until I see season one for myself. Until then, I will trust in Rafe Judkins, book consultant Sarah Nakamura, their team and crew, and the blessings of Harriet McDougal (Robert Jordan’s widow) and the rest of team Jordan who were consulted.

Regardless, the trailer has certainly whetted my appetite for the series. It is, perhaps, the second biggest thing I am looking forward to this year (after the birth of my daughter Sophia a month before its premier). The more I see it, the more I love the colors of the different Aes Sedai (pr. eyes said-eye – the female magic users of the world) ajahs (pr. ah-jah) the different sects of said Aes Sedai).

The long wait is almost over. It is a sure bet that in a couple of months, my eyes will be feasting upon every beam of light emitted as this series plays out on my TV screen. With trollocs and half-men aplenty, battles and magical weaves galore (sorry, I couldn’t resist it) … I am ready to take on another turning of the wheel.

For further reviews, reactions, and info, check out the links below. Just beware… there may be spoilers!


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Exciting Look at The Wheel of Time TV series from Amazon Prime

As the premier of The Wheel of Time TV show comes closer, newly released images stir up some feelings of excitement.

It has been a little bit since my last blog post… about a month and a half. I’ve been busy. Hopefully the fruits of my labor will come to bear soon. In the meantime, something I am looking forward to, The Wheel of Time TV show, has had some major reveals recently. At the virtual SDCC last month, Amazon released a poster and the premier month (November) for the show. And just today, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly magazine, we were bombarded with several images from the show featuring the cast in full costume. And it is glorious.

Quick Analysis of Pics

The article is a good read and clearly intended for those unfamiliar with the series. Perhaps the most striking thing is the first image shown… the main cast all in a line and in full costume. At the center we see the character Moiraine (played by Oscar-nominated actress Rosemund Pike) flanked by her Warder al’Lan Mandragoran (Daniel Henney). Fanning out from them, you have the remaining cast members including (from left to right) Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) and Mat (Barney Harris) on the left and Egwene (Madeleine Madden), Perrin (Marcus Rutherford) and Rand (Josha Stradowski).

“Wheel of Time” S01_106_D04 – 6/28 – EXT MEADOW/WAYGATE MOIRAINE arrives at the Waygate, met by LOIAL. And all the other. Who is the Dragon?

My impressions of the cast are that they all look fantastic. I know some have complained about the costumes and how they don’t look medieval enough. However, I am fine with the clothing. The series is not set in our own history and, if anything, it is more closely related to the renaissance period as far as tech and fashion level. In any case, I love the looks of all of the characters and look forward to seeing more of them soon.

“Wheel of Time” S01_Ep103_D14 – 3/22 – EXT. CARALAIN PLAINS EGWENE and PERRIN see wagon tracks heading east, friend or foe?

Another image is that of the fearsome Logaine (Álvaro Morte) looking fierce while held in a cage with a couple of Aes Sedai (the magic users of the WoT world) looking over him. His expression is perfect as someone who is smug despite being held captive, while the two women immediately behind him, Aes Sedai Allana Mosvani (Priyanka Bose) and Kerene Nagashi (Clare Perkins) look on with a bit of concern. That picture certainly makes me look forward to seeing that scene play out on my TV Set.

Two other images included one of Rand and Egwene sitting together and one of Lan carrying Moiraine into a dark, forboding building. For those images, you can check out the article. The first image is sweet in its appearance and hints at chemistry between the two cast members. It will be interesting to see how that chemistry shows up on the screen. From what I have seen of the cast members, they have all been getting along great, so I expect the chemistry to shine between them all (for the most part). The last image is for those of us who read the books as it points to a particular scene from them. I won’t go into it here, but it should be one of the highlights of the early episodes.I am certainly looking forward to seeing more. The series is set to premier in November (as mentioned earlier), so it is getting closer. It has been a long time coming and I know us WoT fans are anxiously awaiting that moment. One thing that can be said about the production team is that they have been friendly with the fan community. Over the past couple of years, many of the info releases (such as casting news and small glimpses) were released on a Wednesday. The moniker #WoTWednesday was born in that and has become a tradition of sorts.

With that in mind, this article was made public (though the official publication of the article is in Friday’s issue of the magazine) on a Wednesday. The last few months have seen the last Wednesday of the month to be the day when elements of the show were released. From small 3 – 5 second clips to tidbits here and there, the production team at Amazon has wet the appetite of the fandom. As November gets closer, I expect that to ramp up rapidly. Being as next Wednesday is the last one of August, I expect something big. It is my prediction that the trailer will drop on that date. At the very least, we should get a short (30 second) teaser trailer. The showrunner, Rafe Judkins, did say that we will get a trailer before the end of summer. Whatever the case, the premier of this show is the second biggest thing I am looking forward to this fall (the first being the arrival of my second daughter).

Links to Know

If you are familiar with the series, or are curious to learn more, there are many wonderful sites and YouTubers around the web. A word of caution, however, spoilers abound for this epic show throughout these locations. However, most sites and YouTubers are pretty good about warning ahead of time. There are a lot, so I will just touch on a few of them here. A whole blogpost could be dedicated to the resources throughout the web regarding The Wheel of Time series (both the books and the TV Series).

First of all there is Dragonmount.  It is a popular news site regarding the series that also features in depth discussions of various aspects of the books (and show). If you are on Twitter, there is a fan community known as #TwitterOfTime. It is a very welcoming community to those familiar with the series and newbies alike. Another popular website is Theoryland. This site is really for people who have read the series and to discuss speculation regarding the books and open-ended mysteries. The owner of the site, Matt Hatch, runs a call-in YouTube channel called The Dusty Wheel. He and his guest hosts have a lot of fun talking about various aspects of the books and shows.

That brings us to the other YouTubers. One of the first that I encountered was Daniel Greene. His channel is general Fantasy News, however, he is a big WoT fanboy and is prominent in the community. He is also a published author. Then we have others that are focused on The Wheel of Time itself. First, there is Nae’blis. He covers the news and has a lot of in-depth videos about various aspects of the series from backgrounds of characters, cultures, and locations to battle analysis. A good resource if you want to know more of the background before diving in fully. And there is WOT UP!, a news channel focused solely on The Wheel of Time.

There are many more great YouTubers, sites, and podcasts that delve into the series and I wish I could list them all. Many of the sites that I have listed have aggregated lists which include many of those sites. If you are one of those YouTubers, Podcasters or Websites, feel free to post a link in the comments here (and/or in my Social Media posts for this blog). One thing I would be remis NOT to include is the fabulous narrators of the Wheel of Time audiobooks, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. They really bring the story to life in audio form.

Voices of Time

To wrap up, I will leave you with a treat. About two years ago, the Wheel of Time online community was bombarded by a slew of posts where people would read the iconic first paragraph of the first chapter of The Wheel of Time. This paragraph repeated in every book (with only a slight alteration for where the “wind rose”). The trend came to be known under the hashtag #VoicesOfTime. So I leave you with my (nearly 6 year old) daughter reading doing just that.


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