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Blog update and pending announcements on the horizon.

Well, the past couple of months have been a roller coaster. It has been a roller coaster with some highs and lows. Now, however, things are coming into alignment. There are some speed bumps along the way, but, if all goes well, the next month or two should reveal some major updates and events.

In the meantime, I will try to resume my regular blogs (to some capacity) in the following weeks. First of which should be my review of Cobra Kai Season 4. I know it has been over two months since the show released. I started working on the review a while ago. Just different factors prevented me from completing it in a timely manner and led me to hold it on a slow burner for a time. I should have it out within a week (and maybe within a day or two). Unlike my Wheel of Time episode reviews, this is going to encompass the entire season with predictions regarding season 5.

Over the past couple of months, I have had a lot of reflection on The Wheel of Time TV show. Some of them have been good… some not so good. To be honest, it has been a struggle for me, being a big fan of the series. I knew there were going to be changes from the source material. However, while some I was fine with, other aspects I was not too keen on. But I will get into that when it comes. Expect that review in the next few weeks.

Along with those big posts, I may have some others coming. There have been a couple games that I have gotten into recently (including the Pixel Remaster of Final Fantasy VI and Dragon Quest Builders 2). There are some movies that I am looking forward to or interested in seeing. Not to mention the whole The Legend of Vox Machina. I may even do a blog on Dungeons and Dragons and other Role-Playing Games. Those should come over the next couple months in between the big stuff.

So, what is the big stuff? Well, to start, I finally pulled the trigger on starting my publishing company. If all goes well, I should have the official announcement by the end of the month. The paperwork is being filed. Although, I have hit a couple snags (that just came to my attention) that have to be worked out. Still, I hope the snags will be resolved quickly and I can begin to move forward and share the news soon.

Along with that, I am beginning the final stages of my novella. I am working out the tentative schedule, but as of right now, I should be looking to release it by the end of June. Details such as cover art, preorders, and a free chapter or two should be coming over the next month or two (not necessarily in that order). I can’t wait to get it out and into the hands of hungry readers.

And that brings us to the follow ups. I have several projects in the works. They are still in the early stages. I’m not quite Brandon Sanderson and I don’t have 5 books ready to drop all at once. Hopefully I will get there soon. Nonetheless, as the weeks go on, I will beging the process of outlining, detailing, and writing the first one. With luck, I think I can get another novella ready by the end of the year. With a lot of luck, I might be able to release maybe two or three more next year and give BrandoSando a run for his money. I guess I’ll have to check out Kickstarter to help fund me along.

So, to sum up, the next few months should be really busy for me. That is not including the personal matters like health and family. Still, I look forward to the road ahead, no matter how bumpy and scary it looks. I know that the end will be worth the ride. I hope that you are all willing to share it with me.


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