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I have been very busy as of late. Between raising two children, working a full-time job, and working on my book, I have had little time to work on my blog. Things are really picking up as I head for the finish line with my book and get my publishing company, Infinite Worlds LLC, up and running. That said, I thought I would take some time out to give another update on the status of my novel (that’s right; I said “novel” … I’m upgrading it from a novella. More on that in a moment) and the status of my website and business. Plus, I am putting out a call for volunteers. There is a lot to get to… so let’s get started.

Novel Progress    

Editing Stage

As I mentioned, I upgraded my book from a novella to a novel. The feedback I received from my editor was quite insightful and spurred me to add some chapters to the book. Along with the additional chapters, I have been going through and rewriting all the chapters one by one, sometimes changing them quite a bit. Some reasons for the changes are because of the new chapters; information and characters that are now introduced earlier, updates, expansions, and changes to the world building, etc.

Where my initial manuscript came to about 29,000 words, the rewrite is on par to break 50,000. Light for the genre of science fiction, but still beefy. Because of that, I likely not include the short story that I intended to but save it for an anthology down the road. I haven’t decided yet whether that anthology would be just my own works or whether I would accept submissions by other authors to include. That is something that I want to do, so if you are interested in publishing a short story, please contact me. Pu the subject line “Writing” or “Short Story.”

So far, I like the changes that I have been making and feel that it is fleshing the story out nicely. I look forward to how it is received when all is said and done.

Release Target

I have planned my target release to be by the end of summer. That is looking less likely, as I have a lot left to do. I now think that I could get it out by mid-October. Since the book has horror elements, I figure that would be a suitable target thematically. I would like to have at least a couple months during this year where my book is on the shelf. Of course, I will update as soon as I firm that up.

Road to Release

That said, I have some tentative plans going forward regarding the preparations for release. I am in the middle of the first edit phase. With the expansion of the story, I am currently working in the middle of the story. I hope to complete this current draft by sometime next week. I was targeting the end of this week, but that is not likely anymore.

Once that is done, I will go back and do some touch up before resubmitting to the editors. By the way, I am using for my editing needs, and they have been very helpful. Anyway, if all goes well, the editing process should be completed by the end of August as I estimate.

The cover art is still pending. I have an artist picked out, but I know she has been very busy lately with other matters. I will be checking in with her soon. Hopefully, I can release the cover art by August.

I also plan for August to be the month where I start ramping up my premarketing. A sample chapter or two should be released around that time and I will likely start taking preorders.

Future Plans

New Directions

So, last month, I ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise some money. Unfortunately, it was a bust. Things as they are, it is understandable. I mean, I am no Brandon Sanderson. So, I have been thinking of ways that I can increase my brand.

I realize that I am behind in the times. I started this blog a little over a year ago. I know… blogs are so 2003. I must get with the times. I am brainstorming ideas for a YouTube channel… several, actually. They won’t completely replace my blog. I’ll still post from time to time. Not to mention I will use my blog to promote my channels. But they will be a way to increase my brand.

One channel will be geared toward a younger audience. That is because it will feature my daughter. She has long been wanting to do YouTube. When she is playing I always here her saying “Please remember to like and subscribe.” Before the naysayers interject, I understand what that will mean. That is why I will be with her. It will be a daddy/daughter channel. I’m still working on what we will actually do on that channel. Maybe some educational activities, general discussions, and other fun stuff.

She has developed an interest in countries and geography recently, so I thought… maybe I can introduce her to Civilization over summer break. I will record game sessions and post them. It would be interesting to see how she takes to the game and a great educational moment.

Another channel would be my main channel. That would me more of a “PG-13” (maybe up to lower “R” audience level). Not that it would be a lot of cussing or explicit or anything. But it may deal with more mature content and discussions geared for older audiences. It is where I will promote my books and the like which can have some themes geared to older readers. Anyway, I haven’t worked it all out, it is still in the preplanning stages.

As I said, it will not replace my blog. I am a writer, after all. But it will supplement it and is a way for growing my audience.

Website Redesign

That said, with my debut novel on its way to publication, I will have to focus on the business side of being an author. Not just my publishing business, but also my author brand itself. That would include a redesign of this website. I will have to prep for my novel info site and there is just a lot to do.

New Fundraiser

Of course, with all of this going on, that requires money. As I mentioned, my Kickstarter failed. I’m still new to all of this, so while I am disappointed, I am not surprised. Still, I realized that a big part of it is that I don’t have as much of a base. I am not giving up, however. Part of the above changes are geared to generating incentives for people to donate. Since my novel is still in production, I am unable to share too much regarding it currently. I need other means to generate revenue. So, I will be starting a Patreon and rerunning my Kickstarter Campaign. More details will be coming. If anybody has any suggestions as to what I can offer as rewards and other incentives, please reach out to me (or comment below). If you email me, for the subject line, put “Incentives.”

Calls for Volunteer

Help Wanted!

So, that leads me to the big ask! I am placing the call out for volunteers. If anybody is willing to lend a hand in any way, I would be more than grateful. Email me with the subject line “Volunteer.” If you are interested in investing and/or “partnering up”, that is even better. (Subject line: Invest). I am currently wearing so many hats between the business and my writing, not to mention my personal life, that it is becoming overwhelming. But I am committed to seeing this through.

If you have any of the following skills, I will certainly want to hear from you. (For the subject line, put “Volunteer: ‘Relevant Skill’”):

  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Manager
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Art
  • Fundraising
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Assistant (basically, somebody to help me with parsing information from my books, alpha and beta reading, and general administrative tasks related to the book)

There are likely other areas that I could use help on, but those are the major areas. There are perks to volunteering. If you are a beginner in any of these areas, it will be a bullet that you can add to your resume. But more than that, it could be the chance to start in a business from the ground up. If you are starting out or changing things up, this could be a chance to start your path for success.

Potential Future

When I can start hiring for my business (and maybe author brand) I will look at any volunteers first. Those first roles will eventually take on executive positions as the company grows.

Authors who offer their help might also get the invitation to write in any world that I create, especially if you contribute to them. My goal for my publishing company, Infinite Worlds, is to create an independent publisher that is a hub for creativity. To connect authors and artists, and other creative types so that the process of publishing your work is much easier.

In either case, if you are willing to play the long game, roads will open to allow great things for all involved.


Exciting things are on the horizon. I can’t wait to get my book into the hands of the public. I hope to hear from some of you soon, especially if you are hoping to join my team. This is a pivotal time in the writing and publishing industry. Doors are opening, but we have to have the courage to go through. Let’s go through together.


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