The Wheel of Time Premieres and Reactions

Unfortunately, I did not get to attend any of the premieres of The Wheel of Time. However, those that did attend have begun giving spoiler-free reactions and there is hope…

The Wheel of Time TV Series has been a long time coming. There are videos, articles and blogs around the internet that detail the journey that it has taken to get an adaptation filmed. This week, #TheWeekofWoT, the first season finally premieres. Well, the first two episodes were shown last yesterday to select audiences and the first three episodes will be available to all on Amazon Prime this Friday. The anticipation is heavy for this adaptation, especially for those of us who have been fans for the past decades since the first book in the series, The Eye of the World, was released in January of 1990.

In select cities across the globe, many gathered to partake in the first two episodes. Sadly, I as not one of them. Though saddened by this fact, I am not bitter. I am happy for those who got to attend. If anything, I am most jealous over the swag they received… but I digress. In a few days, I will be glued to the screen as I take in the episodes for myself. Perhaps it is better that way for me – to absorb it all in solitary. I am sure that I will watch the episodes again (and again) with other company around.

For the past 10 years, I have largely engrossed myself in the world BY myself. I have not had much luck in convincing my friends and family to check out the novels. 14 novels of around 800 – 1,000 words per book can be very intimidating (and that is not including the prequel novel. Some people in my life have been “forced” to listen as I played the audiobooks in my car or while washing dishes, folding laundry, or other house chores. Now, they will be able to see the world unfold on screen with me and come to understand why I love the series so much.

Again, I digress. So, the show has had its premiere on the world stage. In London, a lucky few not only got to see the first two episodes, but to hobnob with the cast and crew of the show on the blue carpet (at least, it looked blue to me, as opposed to red). Links to those videos are below (along with a slew of other videos to help pull you in if you are not already a part of the action.

Check out this awesome “billboard” in England. I wish I could’ve see this in person.

Following the premiere, a few lucky YouTubers and fans have begun to post their (spoiler-free) reactions to the first two episodes. They’ll have to wait until Friday like the rest of us plebes for the third episode… so at least we are on equal footing there. In fact, some of the gripes I have heard is that they MUST wait… they want more. That is a good sign. There were suggestions that they weren’t completely happy with every little aspect. Some questionable decisions, changes they didn’t like, etc. But they really couldn’t elaborate to prevent spoilers. Still, the general consensus was that those gripes were few and they left the screening happy.

As it stands, I will have to wait until Friday to see for myself. Still, I am encouraged by what I have seen so far. I have mentioned my thoughts here. It is good to hear that the fans of the books are excited and driven to see more. I look forward to hearing non-book fans reactions and reviews. Will this be the catalyst to bring in my family and friends into the world that will allow me to have deep discussions about the series with them? I hope so.
This bonus content available on Amazon Prime through its XRAY service looks awesome and should provide more details about the world for newcomers.

The only other thing I would have to add is the fact that I have yet to hear any WoT swears in any of the materials. Nor have I heard anybody comment as to whether it was present. For those who don’t know what I mean by that, I am referring to phrases like “blood and bloody ashes,” “Peace,” Light burn me,” and many others that are found in the book. I am really hoping that they keep those phrases and don’t resort to the f-bombs and the like used all too often in our world.

All in all, I am excited. I anxiously await this show and hope that it lives up to my expectations. I believe that it will.

Look below for many links I have compiled that cover the premiere, as well as links to trailers and previews that will give a good understanding of the world we are about to step into for hopefully years to come. It’s not comprehensive, I am sure I missed a lot of good links, and many more will likely come up in a few days, but they should be a good starting point.



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