Feature: Sid Meier’s Civilization and the Future of the Franchise.

A look at the popular game franchise and my take on the next iteration of the series.


It is now April and Firaxis Studios is closing the chapter on the New Frontier Pass, the year long bombardment of premium DLC and content interlaced with free updates to Civilization VI. The experiment brought some interesting content that enhance the game that, traditionally, would be considered at the end of its life cycle. Originally released in October of 2016, Civ 6 was an interesting iteration of the strategy franchise even in its vanilla state.

The game brought a lot of interesting changes and additions to the franchise, and carried over (and in some cases, improved) previous features. However, the game is not without its flaws. Two expansions and a variety of DLC, not to mention the aforementioned premium season pass that has been constantly injecting new life into the game this past year. While those additions did a lot for bringing adjustments to the game, it did not correct all its flaws, and even added a few (perhaps minor ones) more in the process.

Still, the game keeps drawing me back as I battle with the “age” old struggle of “one more turn.” The concept of taking a scrawny settler and single warrior and founding a city, then expanding it throughout the ages to ultimately become the dominant civilization has long been an intriguing one. The game instilled a love of history in me wanting more.

Now that the pass is over, the question arises, “what of the future for Civilization VI and the franchise as a whole?” Will the traditional life cycle of approximately 5 years prevail as development of the next iteration is long underway behind closed doors? Or will the developers continue to build upon what they have provided in VI and introduce another expansion or season pass? To be honest, the latter has me a bit worried. The game is quite full of complex systems that even sometimes have a hard time cooperating as they were not developed together. With that in mind, I have begun thinking of what my ideal version would be if I developed the next iteration of Civilization (hey… 7 is my favorite number).

Over the next few days, I will be releasing a series of blogs dedicated to this idea. The direction that I would like to see Civilization VII go. Some of my ideas can be quite a bit controversial. However, I feel that these would be an interesting change that would prevent the next just being a glorified rehash of previous versions. Before I get to the nuts and bolts, however, I feel a bit of background is in order. Tomorrow, I will post a general overview of my history with the franchise so that you see where I am coming from. After that, I will get into the nuts and bolts of what MY idea of the franchise would look like. So buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride.


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Gaming with my Daughter: Part 1

This is the adventure that my daughter and I have been playing through. I originally posted this on social media and I figured that this could be a running feature on my blog. So here is the first part…

My 5-year-old daughter, Savannah, has been begging me to play Amazing Tales with her. If you are not familiar, it is a roleplaying game made with young children in mind. We played before (a space setting) but that did not get too far, though I did see some enjoyment on her behalf.

This time around, we decided to go with a “magical kingdom” (typical fantasy) kingdom. Between us, we set the stage for an adventure. She named the kingdom “Dream Kingdom” and decided to play as a Princess sorceress. Her companion is a cat knight named Sir Meowsalot (her pick of a name). I kind of based him somewhere between Puss-in-boots and Khajiit (from TES).

The start of the adventure began with Princess Victoria and Sir Meowsalot walking through a forest near the Capital (Aluria). Soon a fairy named Tuella came and begged for help from the princess.  Tuella led them to her fairy grove and explained that the bee fairies were attempting to take over the forest. They are led by a strange man known as Buzz Master.

They reach the grove just as a swarm of bee fairies are attacking.  After conjuring a wind that misfires and scatters the grove fairies, Princess Victoria conjures another wind that collects up the attacking bee fairies and sends them off into the forest.

They make their way deeper into the forest to challenge Buzz Master. Along the way, they are ambushed by three forest trolls.  The princess thumps the first troll with her staff, Sir Meowsalot evades the second troll (causing it to become off balance) and engages the third with his sword.  Princess V casts a bright light which catches the first troll and turns it to stone. The third troll disarms Sir M, but Sir M uses his claws in as scratch fury against the troll.  Princess V uses a magic sword to slice the second troll in half before it can recover. However, it then regenerates into 2 trolls.

At the advice of Tuella, she conjures a magic bow and shoots arrows of fire at the two trolls as they are still regenerating. Sir M uses his speed and reflexes and grabs a branch and lights it using the burning trolls and retrieves his sword. He sets the remaining troll of fire, ending the threat.

They make their way to an opening with a giant oak. The oak has a humungous hive that is the home of the bee fairies.  Princess V casts a spell that protects the group from bees (but not the bee fairies). Buzz Master drops from the hive and uncurls to reveal himself to be a man with yellow and black robes. He has a staff and a quarterstaff. The bees begin to swarm but are repelled by the protection spell.  The bee fairies attack and Princess Victoria thwarts them again with her wind magic.

In response, Buzz Master slams the staff into the ground, creating an anti-magic field in the area. He attacks the pair and they engage him. They go a couple rounds and make no headway. What is worse is the bee fairies have returned and encircle them. Sir Meow takes the moment to charge at the staff while Princess V keeps the Buzz Master busy. He uses his sword to break the staff, breaking the anti-magic field. Princess V uses her magic to create her bow and shoots the bolt of fire right into the Buzz Master.  This breaks his control over the Bee fairies and restores order to the forest.  They are rewarded with honey and promise that honey will now flow through the kingdom.

On their way back to the palace, a squirrel gives a message to Princess Victoria (she can talk to animals). The Nightmare Army is marching to invade the Dream Kingdom.

(What Have I started???)

To be continued…