Preparing for Launch

The countdown is on as my debut novel, The Monsters Within, approaches launch day.

It is finally approaching. The launch of my book, The Monsters Within, will arrive on May 16th, 2023. Check out the trailer below:

That and more is available on the book page. You can read the first two chapters there as well.

Once you read the book, be sure to leave a review on Goodreads. If you are a Reedsy Reviewer, check out the Reedsy page. That will be available for all on May 1st. I look forward to the feedback.

Leading up to launch, I have started a YouTube channel where I will provide updates for my book(s) and writing career in general, vlog about various topics, and release lessons learned videos and helpers for self-published and independent authors. Check out the introductory Video below.

Please excuse the quality. I am new at this and will clearly need better equipment (and a better studio). In the meantime, check it out, subscribe, leave likes, and drop comments. I would love to hear from you. Is there something you would like me to discuss about my journey to being a published author? Want to hear more about a topic in Geek Culture? Ask away! I’m open to ideas for future videos.

I may revisit old blogs and convert them into vlogs. Or at the least discuss them. I am not sure what my schedule for video release will be at this time, but I aim to do at least one video every other week (if not every week). The more traction that I get, the more I will be able to produce. Just keep in mind that I currently work a full-time job outside of my writing career. I am also running my publishing company, Infinite Worlds, and working on my next books to release. If all goes well, I plan to have at least one ready to go to the editor by the end of the year and more couple more right behind (including the sequel to The Monsters Within).

In any case, it is an exciting time. Please join me on this adventure. Your support will make the efforts well worth it.


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