COVER REVEAL: The Monsters Within

A Quick announcement and reveal of the cover of my book.

It has been a long time coming and I can finally reveal the cover for my book, The Monsters Within. The cover design was by Rebeccacovers who I met through Fiverr.

The full cover follows, along with the back cover blurb.

The world has recovered from a plague that decimated the global population thanks to the efforts of the United Global Coalition (UGC). Now acting as the government, the UGC has set up isolated metros around the world. One of the largest metros is Capital Metro. It is the center of the North American Region.

Brett Hardin is a citizen of that metro. He lives his life dedicated to two ideals, supporting the UGC and protecting his family. When those ideals collide, what path will he choose?

Jenna Parks is an operative for a group of rebels that inhabit the Wildlands, the open areas between the metros. She is in the city to meet with her superiors for an important mission. She is about to find out that her mission is about to become personal and reveal horrors that she couldn’t fathom.

Back Cover Blurb – The Monsters Within

As of right now, I have intentions of launching my book around mid-December. That may be delayed to between January and March of next year. Look for that announcement in the coming weeks, along with preorder information.

Also, I am announcing that I will be taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. I am working on the story for that (I don’t have much time left until it starts).

Spread the word.

My Kickstarter is Launching

Finally, after a small delay, my Kickstarter is ready to launch.

This is a quick announcement that I am launching my Kickstarter for my book, The Monsters Within. Check it out and if you can, any support would be appreciated.


Set about 150 years in the future, it is a world that has been taken over by a global government. A plague sent people into urban areas and as a result, society has transformed. The United Global Coalition (UGC) now works to protect its citizens and keep any threats outside of the city boundaries. As cells of resistance to the UGC grow, a new threat emerges that could spell trouble for all sides.

Through the book, we follow Brett Hardin, a citizen in Capital City Metro, who performs his job loyally and does his best for his family. When those two interests come into conflict, Brett begins to question his place in society and does what he can to protect his family.  


Premiere Novella from S.J. Serio by Salvatore Serio — Kickstarter

Book and Business Update

A quick update on the status of my book and some other things…


 The past month has definitely been busy. I have had a lot on my plate. Personal and family life aside (that has been quite active as well), many wheels have been turning as things move forward. With that said, let’s get into it.

Infinite Worlds, LLC (a book publisher)

First, if you missed my last post, I have founded my own publishing company. Infinite Worlds is in the beginning stages of life. For now, it will be a vehicle for publishing my own works. However, I plan on opening it up to others as an option as well. Basically, if you are going the route of self-publishing, but don’t want to deal with all the hassles of the actual publishing part, I want Infinite Worlds to be that option. The protection, “prestige,” and help of having a publisher, without the foot-dragging and control of a traditional publisher or the scamming and thievery of a vanity publisher.

I would also like to expand it beyond just novels. Graphic novels, children’s books, and even supplements like role-playing games would be ideal. Also, I wouldn’t mind delving into other media, such as independent video games. I have a few ideas for some.

My Book Status

Of course, it all starts with my debut book. Currently, it is in the hands of editors. I just got the development feedback, so I will probably be busy in the coming weeks completing the edits. If all goes well, I hope to have it launched by the end of summer. I will update on the progress as regularly as I can. With that in mind, I do plan on setting up a newsletter. I also hope to have a sample chapter or two posted online within the next couple of months. Things are really moving and I am getting excited. Still, there is a long road ahead.

I am also in the planning stages of my next works. The outline for the sequel for my debut novel has begun to take form. I have also been working on some worldbuilding for future projects and series I intend to release.


With that in mind, I am working on a fundraiser to help get things done. I am finding out that it is costing a lot of money. From editing, to cover art, to formatting, there are a lot of factors that go into it and much of it requires money. Therefore, I am starting a Kickstarter to help get it in gear. It should go live within about a week or so. The tier rewards are being worked out. I have little to offer at this time, but I am only targeting about $4,000. I mean, I don’t expect anywhere near Brandon Sanderson numbers. Basic expenses are what I’m looking to cover. Anything extra will probably go towards marketing and my business, which will give me some capital to expedite publishing the works of others who are interested.

Lastly, if anybody would like to volunteer, contact me at I have a lot on my plate and could use some help in certain areas so that I can focus on certain things. This mostly applies to friends and family who may want to lend a hand.


In the end, it looks like I will be very busy in the coming months as well. I am excited… and nervous. Regardless, big things are coming.


Infinite Worlds – Home | Infinite Worlds (

Kickstarter Campaign –

Brandon Sanderson – Surprise! Four Secret Novels by Brandon Sanderson by Dragonsteel Entertainment — Kickstarter

Thoughts on the Upcoming Amazon Prime show The Wheel of Time.

With Amazon’s The Wheel of Time looming so close, I analyze and share my thoughts as they stand before it premieres to the world.

As of the time I am writing this, the cast members of Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time as well as some key members of the fan community have begun arriving in London. Soon, they will be hobnobbing on the red carpet for the premiere of the first two episodes of the show. And just a few days later, the rest of us will be settling in around our TVs, computers, tablets, phones, and other devices and clicking that little right-pointing triangle button as we begin to take in the show that many of us have waited a long time to behold. The feeling is mind-numbing. A mix of excitement and trepidation overwhelms us as we wait for that day to come.

Red Carpet Premiere Banner with attendants
Red Carpet Premiere Banner with attendants

Over the past few weeks, there have been an onslaught of drops and releases in preparing for this moment from the show’s marketing team. It has been a lot to take in and sort through. Trailers, BTS clips, snippets, and more have all given us little glimpses at the show and what to expect. Us fans have been like the crowds outside of the chocolate factory, peering through the gates and wondering at what marvels can be found within. The marketing blitz has given us a fair taste, but like a spoiled child, we want more!

And yet it is not without a bit of hesitation as we sort through the material and info. Afterall, many of us have been embroiled in the series for a long time. For myself, I have been reading since 2007. After a brief break, I returned to it in 2008 and have been a fan since. Of course, many have been a fan much longer than me… since its inception in 1990. Because of that, we have grown attached to the characters and events and are cringing at some of the changes unfolding with the marketing releases. So, without further ado, I break down my feelings, thoughts, and analysis of what we have seen so far.

**SPOILER NOTE (This post may cover some spoilers from the books (mostly minor) and from the show (potentially major). Please proceed with caution or come back after watching the show first before reading.**

Overall, I have enjoyed the trailers and everything that I have seen. The familiar aspects have got me excited to see them on screen and the new parts (whether they are additions or changes) have me intrigued. To me, most of the cast looks wonderful in their roles. While some have complained that it is too colorful, I love the vibrancy and how the colors just pop. It makes the darker parts even more impactful through the contrast.

The Hall of the Tower with Aes Sedai from various Ajahs.
The Hall of the Tower with Aes Sedai from various Ajahs.

Another complaint that I have heard a lot was that everybody looks too clean. As if the characters, especially the villagers, should be covered in mud and feces. I think people are (one) thinking that this show is set in medieval times and (two) that because of that, they were dirty all of the time. As I have learned from watching YouTubers such as Shadiversity and Metatron, that simply was not true of people of those periods. Besides, the point is moot as the setting would be more the equivalent of an early renaissance period. Not to mention that the society was actually quite advanced in the prior age.

Watching the trailers and other materials, it is clear that there are a number of changes from the books. I’m not going to say that changes “should be expected or “are a must.” That has already been said a million times by many others covering the show. While I do agree to a certain extent, I also disagree. Regardless how I feel, most of the changes that I have seen, either from the released materials or from possible leaks, don’t really bother me. I can accept their reason for the changes and be excited for what is to come. Some changes I even love. Judging from the trailer, the White Cloaks are going to be more of a threat in the show where they were more of just an annoyance in the books. I am interested in seeing how they play out.

White Cloaks on the March
White Cloaks on the March

While I can accept most of the changes, there are a few that have my hackles up. One such change is to that of the Waygate. I must admit… I’m not a big fan. I’ll have to see how it plays out in the final show, and it is something I will just have to live with. Another change has to do with a leak that has been out for a while that looks more and more to be true. This is where the spoiler warning really comes in. If you don’t want to be spoiled, skip the next paragraph.

[Spoiler] It has been alluded to that the character of Perrin is married as the show begins and his wife dies during the attack on Winternight. Some claims even state that he is the one that kills her. I don’t think I like this change (if it is true). For one, if he is the one that kills her, what would be the reason? Does she turn out to be a dark friend? That just wouldn’t make sense to me. Was it accidental while he was fighting Trollocs? Either way, he would be dealing with some major trauma that the Perrin of the books did not have to deal with. The psychological repercussions alone would have major impact on his character development. [/Spoiler]

Whatever, the case, I suppose if it is true, it is something else I will have to live with. By and large, I am happy and excited over most of what I have seen. Once I have seen the episodes, maybe I’ll have a different perspective.

But that does bring me to the reactions from the public. So far, the countless trailer reactions both from established fans and newbies alike have been positive. That is a good thing. But as the show starts to unfold and delves deeper into the series, how will those reactions carry through? Will they remain the same or will they begin to dwindle? These are slight worries that only time will tell.

Moiraine looking regal at the White Tower
Moiraine looking regal at the White Tower

This week is going to be a rush of emotions. Within the next 48 hours we will start getting reactions from those at the premiere in London as well as those that were lucky enough to score tickets to the Monday night premiers in select cities across the United States and elsewhere. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. By the time I signed up at the closest to me (Silver Spring, MD), it was already filled up. I’ll just have to wait a few more days with everybody else.

In the end, my trepidations and worries are few. I am mostly content with what I have seen so far and excited to see it play out. I know there is MUCH more that we haven’t seen yet. I even inquired about a tweet that the show guru, Sarah Nakamura, tweeted out back fore the age of madness where she teased us about what she was looking at. She replied that she still couldn’t answer that question and to come back in a few weeks.

In any case, the clock is ticking. This weekend, I half expect social media to be abuzz as people swarm it with thoughts and impressions of the show. I plan on being one of those. Shortly after watching the first three episodes, I will publish a general review and reaction of all three episodes (mostly spoiler-free). Then by the end of the weekend, I plan on having much more thorough (and spoiler-filled) analysis of each episode. It’s going to be a wild ride from here to December.


Shadiversity – YouTube

Metatron – YouTube

The Wheel of Time Trailer

The 1st trailer Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time has been released and I am over the moon! Having watched it numerous times, here is my take on what was shown…

I was supposed to write a blog entry a couple days ago. That entry was to be about the fact that I finished writing the first draft of my novella. The last couple of days, however, my brain has been in a bit of a “reboot.” Now that it is getting back to a “ready status,” I must hold off on that entry as something big has dropped that I need to talk about. Yes, Amazon Prime has dropped (what they call) the teaser trailer for their The Wheel of Time adaptation.

For anybody who has been following my blog, I have been anxiously awaiting this first glimpse of the show. Having started my journey in this series back in 2007, it has been a long wait. For many who have been following from the beginning, it has been about 30 years since the first book was published. After watching many other fantasy adaptations come to life (for good or for ill), this trailer is the stamp of reality that it is happening. As an expecting father, I can relate it to the third trimester sonogram when the feeling actually hits that this is happening, and it is happening soon!

Diving into the trailer…. It opens with the characters of Egwene (Madeleine Madden and Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) standing on a cliff before Egwene is shoved off into the water below. From there, we hear Rosamund Pike (who plays the Aes Sedai, Moiraine) begins reciting the first line from the opening paragraph of the book as the trailer goes on showing shots of various characters, scenes, effects, and other surprises. From glimpses of the trio of Rand (Josha Stradowski – First name pronounced ‘yo-sha’), Perrin (Marcus Rutherford), and Mat (Barney Harris) to the epic Lan (Daniel Henney) kicking shadowspawn butt, every cut, every scene had me glued. I’m not going to recap the whole trailer, that would take a while. I was certainly pulled into the trailer as it carried on, trying to take in every scene and every word.

I watched it many times already. I have reveled with other fans on social media including Facebook groups and #TwitterOfTime. Needless to say (but I will anyway), I am excited! My reactions were of awe and wonderment as my eyes searched out every detail. By and large, I think it is safe to say that (initial reactions at least) the majority of the fanbase is as over the moon as I am. There have been a few that have been nitpicking some details like some of the CGI effects and the rich color palette used (I, for one, love the color palette). But overall, I am satisfied, and November 19th can’t get here soon enough.

Shortly after the trailer posted, Showrunner Rafe Judkins and Rosamund Pike took to social media to answer questions. It was wonderful to see Rosamund join in the Q&A festivities. When asked what part in the trailer are they most excited for us to see in full, Rafe answered “Winternight” and Rosamund answered Shadar Logoth. In another question, Rosamund answered what drew her to the role of Moiraine. Her answer was that it was how the women “harness the elements of the universe to unleash incredible power. For more of the Q&A you can check out this thread on twitter here: Rafe/Rosamund Q&A

While the pair answered many questions regarding the show, there were a few questions that I know that did not answer. Of course, they weren’t going to answer any questions that gave anything away. The question that I submitted appears to have been glossed over (even though I know I wasn’t the only one to ask it). That question is regarding the unique “profanity” used in the books. For those that don’t know, these are expletives that are commonly used throughout the series by characters much like our own swear words. Things like “blood and ashes,” “flaming,” fish guts,” and “mother’s milk in a cup!” They add a certain character to the series, and I worry that the show will be lacking these terms.

What else has me worried is regarding the plot. It was clear from the trailer that many scenes have been changed from the source material. It has long been expected that there would be changes from the books. There are certainly scenes in the trailer (like the opening scene with Egwene and Nynaeve) that were added to the show. Perhaps the most concerning aspect is how this will affect the story going forward? Many elements from later seasons could be greatly affected by the events changed for the first season. Because of that, epic moments from the books could very well be cut, and that is a great concern. However, I am refraining from judging too much until I see season one for myself. Until then, I will trust in Rafe Judkins, book consultant Sarah Nakamura, their team and crew, and the blessings of Harriet McDougal (Robert Jordan’s widow) and the rest of team Jordan who were consulted.

Regardless, the trailer has certainly whetted my appetite for the series. It is, perhaps, the second biggest thing I am looking forward to this year (after the birth of my daughter Sophia a month before its premier). The more I see it, the more I love the colors of the different Aes Sedai (pr. eyes said-eye – the female magic users of the world) ajahs (pr. ah-jah) the different sects of said Aes Sedai).

The long wait is almost over. It is a sure bet that in a couple of months, my eyes will be feasting upon every beam of light emitted as this series plays out on my TV screen. With trollocs and half-men aplenty, battles and magical weaves galore (sorry, I couldn’t resist it) … I am ready to take on another turning of the wheel.

For further reviews, reactions, and info, check out the links below. Just beware… there may be spoilers!


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Exciting Look at The Wheel of Time TV series from Amazon Prime

As the premier of The Wheel of Time TV show comes closer, newly released images stir up some feelings of excitement.

It has been a little bit since my last blog post… about a month and a half. I’ve been busy. Hopefully the fruits of my labor will come to bear soon. In the meantime, something I am looking forward to, The Wheel of Time TV show, has had some major reveals recently. At the virtual SDCC last month, Amazon released a poster and the premier month (November) for the show. And just today, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly magazine, we were bombarded with several images from the show featuring the cast in full costume. And it is glorious.

Quick Analysis of Pics

The article is a good read and clearly intended for those unfamiliar with the series. Perhaps the most striking thing is the first image shown… the main cast all in a line and in full costume. At the center we see the character Moiraine (played by Oscar-nominated actress Rosemund Pike) flanked by her Warder al’Lan Mandragoran (Daniel Henney). Fanning out from them, you have the remaining cast members including (from left to right) Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) and Mat (Barney Harris) on the left and Egwene (Madeleine Madden), Perrin (Marcus Rutherford) and Rand (Josha Stradowski).

“Wheel of Time” S01_106_D04 – 6/28 – EXT MEADOW/WAYGATE MOIRAINE arrives at the Waygate, met by LOIAL. And all the other. Who is the Dragon?

My impressions of the cast are that they all look fantastic. I know some have complained about the costumes and how they don’t look medieval enough. However, I am fine with the clothing. The series is not set in our own history and, if anything, it is more closely related to the renaissance period as far as tech and fashion level. In any case, I love the looks of all of the characters and look forward to seeing more of them soon.

“Wheel of Time” S01_Ep103_D14 – 3/22 – EXT. CARALAIN PLAINS EGWENE and PERRIN see wagon tracks heading east, friend or foe?

Another image is that of the fearsome Logaine (Álvaro Morte) looking fierce while held in a cage with a couple of Aes Sedai (the magic users of the WoT world) looking over him. His expression is perfect as someone who is smug despite being held captive, while the two women immediately behind him, Aes Sedai Allana Mosvani (Priyanka Bose) and Kerene Nagashi (Clare Perkins) look on with a bit of concern. That picture certainly makes me look forward to seeing that scene play out on my TV Set.

Two other images included one of Rand and Egwene sitting together and one of Lan carrying Moiraine into a dark, forboding building. For those images, you can check out the article. The first image is sweet in its appearance and hints at chemistry between the two cast members. It will be interesting to see how that chemistry shows up on the screen. From what I have seen of the cast members, they have all been getting along great, so I expect the chemistry to shine between them all (for the most part). The last image is for those of us who read the books as it points to a particular scene from them. I won’t go into it here, but it should be one of the highlights of the early episodes.I am certainly looking forward to seeing more. The series is set to premier in November (as mentioned earlier), so it is getting closer. It has been a long time coming and I know us WoT fans are anxiously awaiting that moment. One thing that can be said about the production team is that they have been friendly with the fan community. Over the past couple of years, many of the info releases (such as casting news and small glimpses) were released on a Wednesday. The moniker #WoTWednesday was born in that and has become a tradition of sorts.

With that in mind, this article was made public (though the official publication of the article is in Friday’s issue of the magazine) on a Wednesday. The last few months have seen the last Wednesday of the month to be the day when elements of the show were released. From small 3 – 5 second clips to tidbits here and there, the production team at Amazon has wet the appetite of the fandom. As November gets closer, I expect that to ramp up rapidly. Being as next Wednesday is the last one of August, I expect something big. It is my prediction that the trailer will drop on that date. At the very least, we should get a short (30 second) teaser trailer. The showrunner, Rafe Judkins, did say that we will get a trailer before the end of summer. Whatever the case, the premier of this show is the second biggest thing I am looking forward to this fall (the first being the arrival of my second daughter).

Links to Know

If you are familiar with the series, or are curious to learn more, there are many wonderful sites and YouTubers around the web. A word of caution, however, spoilers abound for this epic show throughout these locations. However, most sites and YouTubers are pretty good about warning ahead of time. There are a lot, so I will just touch on a few of them here. A whole blogpost could be dedicated to the resources throughout the web regarding The Wheel of Time series (both the books and the TV Series).

First of all there is Dragonmount.  It is a popular news site regarding the series that also features in depth discussions of various aspects of the books (and show). If you are on Twitter, there is a fan community known as #TwitterOfTime. It is a very welcoming community to those familiar with the series and newbies alike. Another popular website is Theoryland. This site is really for people who have read the series and to discuss speculation regarding the books and open-ended mysteries. The owner of the site, Matt Hatch, runs a call-in YouTube channel called The Dusty Wheel. He and his guest hosts have a lot of fun talking about various aspects of the books and shows.

That brings us to the other YouTubers. One of the first that I encountered was Daniel Greene. His channel is general Fantasy News, however, he is a big WoT fanboy and is prominent in the community. He is also a published author. Then we have others that are focused on The Wheel of Time itself. First, there is Nae’blis. He covers the news and has a lot of in-depth videos about various aspects of the series from backgrounds of characters, cultures, and locations to battle analysis. A good resource if you want to know more of the background before diving in fully. And there is WOT UP!, a news channel focused solely on The Wheel of Time.

There are many more great YouTubers, sites, and podcasts that delve into the series and I wish I could list them all. Many of the sites that I have listed have aggregated lists which include many of those sites. If you are one of those YouTubers, Podcasters or Websites, feel free to post a link in the comments here (and/or in my Social Media posts for this blog). One thing I would be remis NOT to include is the fabulous narrators of the Wheel of Time audiobooks, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. They really bring the story to life in audio form.

Voices of Time

To wrap up, I will leave you with a treat. About two years ago, the Wheel of Time online community was bombarded by a slew of posts where people would read the iconic first paragraph of the first chapter of The Wheel of Time. This paragraph repeated in every book (with only a slight alteration for where the “wind rose”). The trend came to be known under the hashtag #VoicesOfTime. So I leave you with my (nearly 6 year old) daughter reading doing just that.


Rosamund Pike is Moiraine in first look at Amazon’s The Wheel of Time |

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How I Got Caught in The Wheel of Time

A look at Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, its impact on me and the upcoming TV series adaptation on Amazon Prime.

Over a decade ago, my mind got run over by a “wheel.” Not just any wheel, I am referring to The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I was not expecting it. At the time, there were 11 books published in the series and one prequel novel. The final novel was in the works. Only, the untimely death of the author threw everything into question. Fortunately, Harriet McDougal, Jordan’s widow and editor, ensured his legacy would see its end by bringing in Brandon Sanderson to finish the series (and in turn, dividing the last book into 3 for a total of 14 main series books).

The series would have a major impact on me, setting me on my own path of wanting to be a writer to doing it. It has inspired me. The worldbuilding within the series guides me in my own efforts. Following is how I got into the series to begin with, and my thoughts on the upcoming TV adaptation. There might be some minor spoilers, so tread with caution. Still, there shouldn’t be any of too much significance.


In 2003, I rejoined the Navy and was eventually stationed on the USS Enterprise (CVN 65). While stationed on the ship, I spent many days/weeks/months at sea. It was during this time that I took up reading a lot. Before that time, I had only read a handful of fictional books of my own choosing (other than the ones forced on my by schools). I got my entertainment from movies and video games. Despite that, I had built up a collection of books and I took some with me. That is when I got into reading R. A. Salvatore.

His books drew me in. I read all the released Drizzt books, The Cleric Quintet, the first three books of the Demon Wars saga, and many of his other series. I guess, in part, it was his name that drew me… Salvatore. But I stayed for the memorable characters and wild adventures. Now, I had heard of The Wheel of Time at this point, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I was enjoying my time in the Forgotten Realms.

It was during the summer of 2007, after I left my service in the Navy, that I decided to see what that series was about. I sat down and started reading The Eye of the World. About halfway through the book, I set it down. It was while Rand and Mat were on the road to Caemlyn. I was getting wary of the journey and it seemed like nothing was going right. (I would later find out that if I had just stuck it out a few more pages, that feeling would have begun to change.) So, I put the book down and went back to Drizzt and company.

The following year, I started a job in Washington, D.C. At the time, I lived in Baltimore, Maryland (north of the city, in fact) and, at first, I rode the train for my commute. While dealing with a nearly 2-hour commute twice a day, I needed an escape. That is when I found audiobooks. I decided that maybe I’ll give The Wheel of Time another try and downloaded the audio of The Eye of the World. From the moment I heard Michael Kramer’s voice, I knew I was caught.

Over the next few months, I ran through every book available. Then as soon as the last three books were available, I got them and listened as well.  When I was at work imaging workstations, I was listening. When I started driving to work because I had to be there earlier than the trains ran, I connected my iPod to my car and listened while driving (that certainly helped to save my sanity during those years). Michael Kramer and Kate Reading filled my head. Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, Min, Loial, and all the rest became my friends. I was hooked!

There are a lot of factors that drew me into the series. From characters to the worldbuilding, there is a lot to admire about The Wheel of Time. Those factors all gripped me, along with the many themes found throughout the books. The greatest of those themes, for me, is the theme of balance.

Balance is very important to me. I consider it one of my core philosophies, the primary tenet of my spirituality. Many times, I had professed about how the world is made up of opposites and one element cannot exist without its opposite. If there is no heat, there can be no cold, no evil, there can be no good, et cetera. To read a book series that echoes my very tenets back to me was unreal.


After finally getting into the series, I soon began digging for whatever information I could find about the series. I located fan sites such as Dragonmount and Encyclopedia WOT that delved into the series, with the latter giving recaps of each chapter of each book and breakdowns on characters, settings, etc. I also came across Leigh Butler at with her reread blogs.

During that time, a little TV show began airing that peaked some folks interest in the mainstream. Something called “Game of Thrones.”  If you haven’t heard of it, it was a TV show based on a series of fantasy novels that had some moderate success in bringing in viewers. The thought of this got me excited for the possibility of a Wheel of Time production.

I began looking up information for a potential movie or TV series adaptation for The Wheel of Time. Other than a bunch of speculation, there were not many hints of any production. Mostly just legal issues that were hindering progress. I did come across a short fan-made film entitled Flight from Shadow. Then came the dreaded Winter’s Dragon premiere that rocked the fandom and fueled more legal issues. Finally came an announcement, 5 years ago, from Robert Jordan’s widow, Harriet, that all matters had been resolved and they were moving forward on plans to create a series.

The next few years saw a slew of details eke out of the nether and engulfing the fandom (while the rest of the world lay unknown about what was going on). We learned that Sony Pictures had picked up the series and that Amazon was working on the production. We learned the showrunner was Rafe Judkins, who soon enlisted the help of Sarah Nakamura, a Wheel of Time guru, to act as “book liaison.” This was all great news. We started learning about writers and directors and cinematographers, many who were top-notched and respected, being involved. Then came the casting news.

I have to admit, I was not familiar with Rosemund Pike when she was first announced to be portraying Moiraine in the TV show. But I soon learned who she was and began to grow excited. Then they announced Daniel Henney as Lan who I was mildly familiar from episodes of Criminal Minds that I happened to catch. Then came the ultimate blow… the flurry of announcements of the Emond’s Field Five. The central characters around which the series follows. And I knew nothing about them. My mind went blank as I stared at the screen through those announcements. These are the people that I came to know and love?

So, I thought, and I thought. I looked up info about the actors. I watched videos from WOT analysts like Nae’blis, Rebecca (from Reading the Pattern), and Daniel Greene. Slowly (then quickly), I began to like these actors. I liked the fact that they were relative unknowns to begin with. A show like this is a great way to introduce great new talent to the masses. While sitting with my daughter, flipping channels, I came across the pilot episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel which has the actress portraying Nynaeve, Zoe Robins. Interesting… Then I took my daughter to the Dora the Explorer movie which included Madeleine Madden in the cast. I was beginning to feel out the actors who were cast as the EF5 and I liked what I saw.

So, it was settled! I was full on the “hype train” and looking forward to a see the show in action. #TwitterofTime became a thing (an amazing group of people including named character accounts and regular fans alike who have fun with all things Wheel of Time, including polls provided by @RogueAelfinn *WoTPolls*). In a way, #TwitterOfTime has become a bit of a family within the fandom where we discuss the books, the shows, and even personal events that affect us. It is fandom at its best!

Amazon released a table read which cranked up the engine. New cast members were announced ranging from major characters to minor. Production started in Prague back in September of 2019. Of course, nobody saw the log on the rail that would bring the train to a screeching halt.

By this time, I had been riding the hype of the potential series for a while now. I was looking forward to it as a way to introduce my friends and family to the series. My fiancée and I watched Game of Thrones together and I have been looking forward to getting her into The Wheel of Time. She doesn’t like audiobooks so it is hard to get her into it that way. And it looked like everything was running along swimmingly. That is, until that dirty, no good virus-that-shall-not-be-named showed up and wreaked havoc across the globe.

The delays left a drought of information. On the one hand, the delays did not stop production altogether as Rafe Judkins ensured that post-production for the episodes already shot were well underway. They were able to resume filming the remaining episodes and it appears that the marketing is gearing up to extend beyond the fanbase. That is a good thing. Over the past few months, Amazon Prime has been releasing short clip teasers revealing items and now characters from the show. The most recent is Daniel Henney as Lan (looking badass).

Still, some worries have crept in. Increasing talks of changes to the story have filled the internet. While changes are expected, the sting that was Game of Thrones season 8 are all too recent. The fears that changes done here in season one will drastically impact later storylines from the books. Worries about what scenes from the book will survive the adaptation (I may do my own “Must Have” list soon). At least we know that the show is in the hands of fans in Rafe Judkins and Sarah Nakamura. For my own humanity and entertainment, I picture Sarah chasing Rafe around the set, copy of the book in hand with notes and markers hanging out, in a Benny Hill like fashion over proposed changes.


In the end, I leave my trust to the cast and crew of the show. Knowing that Harriet and Brandon are involved in the show gives me hope that it will fulfill the desire to watch the show play out on a screen and to introduce our friends and family to the series. Whether the show will succeed or fail, well, we’ll have to see how the wind takes us. Until then, “let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.”