The Wheel of Time First Thoughts – Episode 5 (Spoiler Free)

My general thoughts and reaction to Episode 5 of The Wheel of Time tv series on Amazon Prime

The Wheel of Time series has arrived on Amazon Prime. These are my general (spoiler-free) reactions to the latest episode:


If you have not watched this episode yet, prepare for a lot of tears. Not just sad tears, either. Some of them are joyful (others, not so much). I can really see the story coming together. What can I say without giving anything away? It is difficult to do.

Arm and arm against the White Cloaks

Probably the best I can say is that the changes that were made are starting to merge back into the familiar for us book readers, in my opinion. That is the best part of it. I am easing my stances on the changes greatly. Also, I was able to call a few events early. Not by much, mind you. But there were scenes in the preview that I realized were about to happen and why they were about to happen just before it was revealed. In any case, I am going to have a lot to say in my deep dive.

One last thing… I heard on social media (which I checked briefly after completing the episode) that a certain phrase that I have been waiting for was finally uttered. That phrase being “blood and ashes.” Unfortunately, I missed it and will have to do a rewatch to catch it. Let’s just hope that is not the last time it is used.

A Laughing Logain – What is he laughing at???


The White Tower animation was a good breakdown of the origins and description of the White Tower and the Aes Sedai (post-breaking). Worth a check-out if you are new to the series. Your decision if you want to wait until the end of the season or watch them as they come, but the bonus animations have been pretty good little tidbits of lore.

I also watched the first two BTS bonuses watch are two parts of Creating the Look. They were informative and showcased the details that went into creating the costumes and the looks of the different people. I’m beginning to overload and will have to watch the Creating the Music a bit later (hopefully by the time I am done with my deep dive.

With that, I am beginning to let go of my trepidations of the changes from the book material. I feel that the showrunner, Rafe Judkins, and his crew of talent are crafting something truly epic. With only three episodes to go, I am ecstatic. Overall, I am very happy with what I have seen so far. At my first watch, I couldn’t even think of anything that I didn’t like about the episode. Some things may pop up after subsequent watches. But they are obviously small if they are there.


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